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Fez Sightseeing

Fez medina the Quaraouiyine Mosque the Quaraouiyine Mosque

In the morning, you will start your visit around the spiritual capital of Morocco. You will get the chance to explore its narrow streets lined with various art objects. The visit will start by a tour of the Mosques including the Quaraouiyine Mosque founded in 859 by Fatima el Fihri and the Andalusian Mosque dating back to 860. Then, you will see the Nejjarine fountains, Medersas (Koranic schools) founded as early as the 13th century, Batha Palace now a museum of arts and traditions, Chouwara Tanneries, and many Souks including Souk Attarine, one of the liveliest in the city, Bab Boujloud with its green and blue ceramics, Mellah and the 17th century Ibn Danan synagogue, the surrounding area of the Royal Palace, and to finish your day, you’ll visit the borj to see sunset from the top of the beautiful Medina.